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Green Building Technologies

Dousevicz Inc. is part of a limited group of builders that can offer a certified "Green" home with the backing of the Vermont's very own Vermont Energy Investment Corporation and Efficiency Vermont. Our homes at Village Haven will incorporate some of the latest building technologies that will not only impact our environment the least, but provide future residents of Village Haven the safest and most comfortable living environments.

Why buy Green?

There are many reasons for owning or purchasing a green home:

Operating Costs

The technologies and practices required to build a green home to certain criteria may result in lower costs to operate the home. Energy-efficient appliances, lighting systems, and HVAC equipment result in lower energy consumption compared to other models. Using less water through water-conserving faucets, showers, toilets, and irrigation systems may also result in less water consumption. Properly sized HVAC systems mean that less energy is needed to condition spaces.


Effective stormwater management and landscaping could mean less time maintaining outside spaces. Also, green building practices lead to the use of some longer-performing materials and careful construction assemblies. Drained foundations, water spouts on gutters, and flashing around windows and doors might reduce the opportunity for system failure within the home due to moisture intrusion.

Indoor Environmental Quality

Indoor air quality is one of the guiding principles of the ICC 700-2008 National Green Building Standard. Homes that allow for proper air exchange through ventilation, and low-emitting products like low- or no-VOC paints reduce off-gassing. Further, green building practices look at reducing the opportunity for moisture intrusion. The efficient HVAC systems, windows, and floor plans also mean that heating and cooling is better distributed throughout the home.

The Environment

Increased energy and water efficiency in construction could lead to decreased energy and water consumption in a home throughout its lifespan. Further, some renewable, recycled, and other efficient building products used in green home construction may reduce the impact on natural resources. Also, green homes often include resource and waste reduction and recycling amenities

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